Can a student renter pay monthly rent instead of pre-paying for the semester?

No. Student rentals are by the semester. Because these short leases prevent us from establishing a longer relationship with a non-student renter, the lease must be pre-paid for the agreed term.

Can I have a guest stay overnight?

Guests are prohibited by the student lease agreement due to the inherent risks associated with overnight student guests. Allowing anyone not included on the lease to take up residence, even as a guest, is subject to the lease terms and may lead to eviction.

Do you rent to families or individuals?

We do rent to families or individuals. Some of our best tenants have been families or individuals that wanted to live near downtown Dayton or the University District. We have a different lease and rental structure for non-student renters.

Do families or individuals have the same lease as students?

No. We utilize a different lease and rental pricing for families or individuals tailored like a traditional lease agreement.

Do you require renters to have a renter’s insurance policy?

Yes. This is both for our protection and yours. Landlords are not responsible for the renter’s personal property in the event of accident, fire, or water damage. In the event of certain damage caused by the renter, your rental policy should protect you and cover amounts owed to the landlord for covered damages.